Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Pacific Literature by Undergraduates Magazine (PLUM) needs artwork submissions! If you are an artist of any kind, digital or old school style, and a student at Pacific University we want your art!

All you have to do is send the artwork to by attaching it (scanning any work that isn't digital) and you have the chance to be published in the magazine. You will have full credit in the magazine as well as a hard copy of your published work. It's a great reference for internships, and just an accomplishment in art. It's a published piece of work! :)

P.S. Please invite anyone you know that is in art classes or would be interested in this. Deadline is APRIL 1ST!!
*Being in an art class is not required. This is open to any Pacific student that has work that they would like to have published.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pacific Writers in Print!

We are excited to present Pacific University undergraduate students and alumni the opportunity to showcase creative writing, critical essays and various mediums of art through PLUM magazine.
PLUM’s staff consists of current Pacific students eager to acknowledge emerging writers and artists who are committed to creating quality work.  We are a literary and artistic magazine in pursuit of providing a public forum for Pacific students.
Each issue will discuss and illustrate themes and ideas relevant to Pacific’s students or graduates, whether it is how we work, study, play, or think.  We look forward to putting together our first issue and working with peers eager to display Pacific University’s Undergrad work.

Check out the most recent edition of PLUM!